Hotwings diecast airplanes and sets can be purchased at many fine hobby stores and museums.


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Hotwings Airport Accessories are a great way for a kid to build a play airport. Runway pieces lock together to make as long a runway as you want. New parking ramp and hangars let you expand even more.


Hot Wings Runway Accessory (4 6" pieces) HW16101
Hot Wings Intersection Accessory (2 pieces) HW16102
Hot Wings Accessories HW16103
Hot Wings Runway Curves Accessory (2 pieces) HW16104
Hot Wings Hangar HW16105

Hotwings WW II Planes showcase historic airplanes that ruled the skies during WW II.

P-51B Mustang Silver HW17101
P-38 Lightning HW17102
B-17 Flying Fortress - Green HW17103
F4U Corsair HW17104
P51 Tuskegee Airmen HW17105
B-17 Flying Fortress - Silver HW17106
P-40 Warhawk HW17107
Hot Wings F4U Usn HW17108
B-24 Liberator HW17109
P-38 Red Tip HW17111
P-51B Mustang - D-Day stripes HW17112
Spitfire HW17113
Zero HW17114

Hotwings Airplane Sets save you money make great gift packs.

Hot Wings Airport Playset HW19101
Hot Wings Rescue Playset HW19102
Space Series Gift Set HW19103
Private Plane Gift Set HW19202
Experimental Series Gift Set HW19203
WW II Series Gift Set HW19204
Military Series Gift Set HW19205

Hotwings Space and Experimental planes are planes that have tested the limits of human creativity.


X-36 HW12101
X-33 HW12102
X-111 HW12104
Space Shuttle HW12105
B-1B Lancer Bomber HW12106
X-112 Space Pod HW12109
X-113 Aggressor HW12110
X-114 Pusher HW12111
X-36 White and Silver (4.Approx. 5") HW12112
X-29 Red and Blue Stripes (4.Approx. 5") HW12113
Moller Air Car HW12114